Property boundaries

We will help you find the exact property boundary. With the help of advanced equipment and experience, we can determine the location of property boundaries accurately and cost-effectively. We are also able to look for old fixed markings that confirm where the boundary goes.

When the property boundaries are well visible in the forest, you avoid problems such as overlogging that leadto conflicts with neighboringlandowners.

With today's GPSs and digital maps it's easy to find out where a border goes in the woods. But precisely finding the boundary can be difficult because there are fixed markings like cairns andboundary markingpipes that are legally binding. We can help you determine where the property boundaries goes.

MittNorr helps you to:

  • Identifyover grown boundary paths. We findthe cairns, determine exactly where the boundary goes and mark with marking tape. To help, we have an advanced DGNSS equipment and Lantmäteriets archive.
  • Clear a property boundary path . We clear a visible 1.5 - 2 meter wide path along the boundary.
  • Make permanent markings . We paint the edge trees along the property boundary path and set up fiberglass posts along the path.
  • What does it cost? The cost varies depending on how difficult the property boundary is to identify. Most property boundary paths that include all the three steps above cost between 10 and 15 SEK per meter. The cost is usually shared between the neighboring landowners.

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