Forestry services

At MittNorr you get help with all forest services. From simple guidance on doing your own work to letting us take full responsibility for implementing all your forestry needs.

Here are some examples:

Forestry PlanWe will assist you in acquiring a forestry plan or update older plans.

Identify necessary actionsA review of the forest, where we find out what needs to be addressed and suggests the time when it will be done.

Final Logging –  We plan the harvest for you. Sourcing contractors and putting in place timber sales contracts. Quality assurance of the process so that the outcome is as planned.

Thinning – We plan the thinning to optimize the development of the forest. Procurement of work and timber sales. Quality assurance of work.

Sales of timber– We guide you through the whole timber sales process and present the different ways of selling your timber. With your decision we negotiate best possible price or offer timbers out for bidding by all purchasers. Finally you sign the agreement with the buyer.

Plantinging – Planning, procurement and quality control procedures during planting. Successful planting is important after logging.

Clearing– Planning, procurement and quality assurance to optimize the results. We help decide what parts need clearing.

Forest roads– Planning, design and construction of new roads and maintenance of existing roads.

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