Forest Management

We propose and you decide

Your wishes and requirements determine the focus on your forest. Your forestry plan is our starting point, where we find the biological conditions in your forest.

Care plan for your forest
When the guidelines and goals of your forest are in place, we will draw up a long-term care plan. It extends over decades or as long as you plan to own the property. The management plan forms the basis for your annual budget, where we together with you determine actions in the coming years and what revenues and costs they incur.

Work management and quality assurance
The measures in your forest are carried out by sub contractors that are carefully selected. We supervise and quality assures their work. And we take care of the contacts with neighboring landowners and local authorities required to implement the measures. We also perform field work to mark property lines, mapping, stock boundaries, paths, nature and cultural considerations.

Optimize your timber sales
When harvesting, we will help you to find the best outlet on the open market for your timber. Based on your prerequisites, prevailing timber prices and market demand, we find the most profitable sale form for you.

In our price statistics you can see the difference between the sales price MittNorr achieved and the lowest prices offered.

What is the cost of forest management?

Forest management is paid as an annual fixed fee depending on the services you choose. A variable fee per year is added. It is determined on the basis of how many hectares of forests that are managed or how many cubic meters are being harvested.

MittNorr has no hidden fees and we account for all charges. Would you like further information regarding cost offorest management? Send a message and we will contact you.

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