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MittNorr Skog & Fastighet AB is a consulting company with comprehensive services for individuals, companies, municipalities and foundations that own forest land. We operate mainly in the county of Jämtland and Västernorrland. We have a long and wide experience in forest management, financial advice and property issues; as one of very few companies.

In the industry, MittNorr is completely independent. We have NO binding contracts or other sales quota we have to fill. All advice is given to maximize thecustomer’s gains.


MittNorr Skog &Fastighet AB is owned and operated by Håkan and Erik, who together have worked with forest management for more than 30 years. Based on our experience, we have created a service offering including forest management and property issues,which is based entirely on the forest owners' perspectives.

Håkan Bergstedt forest manager

Has been workingwith forest property management since 1995 and sees forest ownership as much more than just forestry. Hecansee the forest beyond the trees.

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Tel: +46 (0)72-711 35 01

Erik Svensson forest manager

Worked withforest management in Jämtland and Western Norway since 2002. Looks at untouched young forests and overgrown property boundaries as a challenge and not as a problem.

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Tel: +46 (0)72-711 35 02

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